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The aim of chakrapuncture is to help bring about inner self healing. Whilst lying in a warm, relaxed, meditative state very fine needles are used to gently stimulate the skin. The needles are planted carefully and enter the skin by about 1mm. Once inserted the needles are left still to encourage a fiery healing from within.

The needles are applied intuitively. The practitioner connects to the receiver in a way that leads to the needles to be planted in the places the receiver needs the most help.

The needles are sterilized, disposable needles and only used for one treatment before being discarded.

The needles are so thin that they can bend and lie flat allowing the patient to be covered with a towel or blanket and kept warm.

A chackrapuncture session can naturally be combined with healing. Chakrapuncture sessions take place in London NW3 or can be arranged to be carried out at your home.

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