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Connection therapy is the exploration of the ways in which we connect to our deepest self, our soul, bodies, mind and heart. It is from truely connecting to our self and experiencing a deep love, contentment and gentleness that we can express ourselves with love,

When we connect to other people, when we act or when we engage in life with love we can enjoy very different experiences in life. How we connect, our intentions, and the emotions we bring into those connections define us and the relationshiops we have.

Connection therapy leads to experiences that free us from the web of thoughts, beliefs, concepts, rules, regulations and dogma that can trap us and deny us the life we came to experience. It supports finding our true self free from the habits, successful strategies, coping mechanisms, learnt behaviours and game playing that can dictate our day to day life.

In practice Connection Therapy employs meditation, awareness, living in the moment, consciously connecting to our world through our senses, healing and news ways of thinking to bring about lasting change.

Connection Therapy is an ongoing process of personal evolution where we become students of life engaged in our own discoveries, revellations and insights.

Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2009