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To be whole implies we explore all areas of our self and life in an attempt to bring everything together. We could think of ourselves as constantly changing, elastic and interconnected. As one part changes so do all the others to a greater or lesser extent.

We could explore the idea of being holistic in terms of our thinking, emotions physical body and spirituality for simplicity. As one changes so do the others. So a change in thinking can result in different emotions, which over time can lead to different physical states. Similarly a change in our physical condition can lead to different emotions and a change in thinking. A spiritual awakening can lead to different thoughts and emotions and from this a change in physical condition.

Physical exercise can help to change our mood, whilst our mood can influence how we engage in the exercise. Our thoughts can result in experiencing various emotions. Our emotions can have an influence on our physical health. Connecting with our soul can result in the kind of self belief that leads to different emotions and thoughts.

If we were to think of our self as an energy system we would have energy coming in, in the form of air, liquids, food, sunlight and our connection to nature. We could include the influence of other people whether through learning, inspiration, support, care or love, At the same time we expel energy in the form of physical activity, keeping warm and getting rid of waste. I would also include here our energetic expression including our thoughts, emotions, the way we express ourselves, our creativity, communication, radiating love, being in service to others and being supportive. Each of these could influence the way we feel inside and therefore overtime influence our health.

A specific example would be that stress leads us to be more acidic. Similarly we could eat an acid or alkaline forming diet. However there would not be much point in eating an alkaline forming diet and remaining stressed. We would still be acidic. In addition feeling stressed can effect our food choices and encourage us to eat acid forming foods. So here a more holistic approach would be to combine meditation and a change of thinking with alkaline forming foods.

We live in a time of specialisation and as a result we sometimes lose sight of the whole. It is easy to get caught up in the detail and agonize over our condition along with specific foods, supplements, remedies and therapies. Even natural healing has become specific to certain disciplines. Bodywork, nutrition, hands on healing, acupuncture, therapy, counseling, homeopathy and herbal medicine rarely mix. Connection therapy encourages us to step back and explore a range of holistic choices to bring about healing.

Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2009