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Essentially connection therapy works by helping us connect to our soul and use this connection to help guide us through life.

This is supported by trying on a new perceptions of life and new ways of experiencing life. Connection therapy works by moving away from our heads towards our hearts. Greater emphasis is placed on the process than the content. It is by embracing new possibilities for how we live, that we can engage in our own personal transformation.

Practically connection therapy works by asking questions and exploring the process of discovery. It works by connecting through healing in a way that is pure connection, soul to soul, without bringing forward any of the thoughts or intentions that hold us in the energy that can keep us from discovering our connection to the soul. Meditation is a powerful means to bypass the layers of beliefs, concepts, ideas and dogma that can hold us in an unhealthy or unhappy place.

The process of being connected can be supported by healthy eating, living with greater awareness and trusting our own intuition. Through connection therapy we can seek to connect to the love, peace and contentment inside all of us.

Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2009