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The way we live our life can influence the way we feel and what we do with our life. Being attentive to our lifestyle can be a self loving act.

If we were to think of our self as an energy system we would have energy coming in, in the form of air, liquids, food, sunlight and our connection to nature. We could include the influence of other people whether through learning, inspiration, support, care or love, At the same time we expel energy in the form of physical activity, keeping warm and getting rid of waste. I would also include here our thoughts, emotions, the way we express ourselves, our creativity, communication, radiating love, being in service to others and being supportive.

I find it interesting to explore how we take energy in and how we express and what effect that has on each of us. This all comes under lifestyle and we can use this in a very practical way to help bring about consistent change to our everyday life.

Also included in lifestyle is the way we respond to cycles whether sleep patterns, meal times and routines. Setting up a rhythm to life can help us find the natural cycles that best support us.

As part of a treatment we have the option to explore practical lifestyle possibilities to try out and experience. A lifestyle therapy session is held in London NW3 or by phone and email and provides ongoing help in creating a lifestyle that best supports you.

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