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Andrew in Portmerion   MEDITATION

Meditation helps us cut through the mental distractions that can keep us from making a direct connection to our self and soul. It is through meditation that we can discover an easy path to feeling calm, peaceful and content.

The form of meditation used in Connection Therapy is simple and requires no special breathing, postures or images. A one minute meditation is enough to make a powerful difference and change the way our mind functions for several hours.

This style of meditation can be enjoyed in most safe situations whether an office, cafe, park, home, bus or train. No one else will realize you are meditating. This form of meditation allows us to meditate for short times throughout the day.

With practice the meditation becomes easy with deep, powerful influences. Just a few seconds of meditation can take us back to strong connection with our inner being and soul. Out of this connection we experience a different perception of life, different emotions and greater influence over how we use our minds.

Personal meditation sessions are available at our clinic in London NW3 or can be arranged to be given at your home. Meditation can be combined with healing, chakrapuncture, massage, therapy, dietary advice or lifestyle therapy.

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