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Apple, carrots, celery, nuts, seeds and raisins   NATURAL FOOD THERAPY

This form of natural food therapy aims to help you develop an awareness of how foods influence you and to find the kinds of foods that best support you enjoying the kind of health and life you enjoy.

Your connection to food can define your energetic, biological and chemical state. By exploring recipes using natural foods you can enjoy experiences that connect you to a new healthy way of eating. Through eating with greater awareness you may find it easier to meditate, experience contentment and enjoy a loving feeling.

This approach is not prescriptive but helps you build new relationships with food, out of which you feel the difference for yourself.

Ultimately your foods can support you in connecting to your soul and the dietary advice given will have this intention.

Natural food therapy sessions are available in person in London NW3 or at your home. You can also have your session with dietary advice by phone and email.

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