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Part of how we relate to each other comes from the way we connect. Sometimes difficulties in relationships stem from how we connect. Could it be that the way we say something, has more influence on whether we are heard than what we say?

To connect we can truly listen without judging, comparing, giving the words other meanings, analyzing, interpreting or making assumptions. We can express ourselves from our own hearts without imposing, making accusations or assumptions, trying to assume control or manipulating. We can connect through a loving touch, hugging, kissing, massage and healing.

A typical relationship therapy session will explore ways to connect with love and out of this connection positively and constructively seek ways to let go of old patterns and embrace healthy ways to be together.

The session will include talking, interaction, meditation and exercises to connect. Each session is specific to the needs of the couple and is guided by what is happening at the time.

Sessions are held in London NW3 or can be arranged to take place in your home.

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