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Connection therapy is about being heard, listened to and understood. It cultivates a connection where you can feel better able to explore new ways of being. In a connection therapy session you may find that you benefit from your own potentially life changing insights, revelations and self discoveries.

A connection therapy session will include talking along with the option of some hands on healing and if appropriate chakrapuncture or massage. At times we will explore meditation and living life through our senses so that you have various tools to help between sessions. Sometimes new foods or lifestyle changes will support deeper internal change.

This form of therapy does not impose any ideology, principles or theories on you. The prime intention is to simply support your own healing from within, in whatever way will be most helpful.

This form of therapy gently guides you to explore the role of assumptions, judgments, opinions, expectations and absolutes in your life and the influence they can have on your emotional state. Out of this is it possible to free yourself of some of the mental clutter that can hold us in unhappy states.

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